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Not so much a biography as a potted history.

I was born in London some time ago.

My formative years were spent in the north of England and my family roots can be traced there. I was not particularly good ( in all senses of the word) at school, some would say quite the opposite. I left school with insufficient O Levels (GCSE’s for the younger reader) to progress to the sixth form, I have since gained professional qualifications which makes me smile slightly when I reflect on some of my former school masters comments!

Before managing to make a go of my own business I also worked in hotels, bars, restaurants, basically anywhere I could make money with the limited qualifications and skills I had at the time.

Work has been mostly in financial services and advice to business owners. I have created and built two separate companies and some of my experiences are of course reflected in my writing.

I live in the lovely Berkshire countryside in southern England. When the opportunity arises I like to travel, but I also enjoy cooking, reading and a variety of sport.

In my late teens and early twenties I spent a lot of time riding horses with at one stage an ambition to become the next David Broome. Those who recall my efforts would doubtless smile at that notion. I did come to my senses and get a proper job, however I am still involved in horses and dressage. Although my riding abilities were limited I have developed a fair amount of skill working with horses from the ground.

Watching the England rugby team over the years has caused me great angst and our two Labradors tend to leave the room when I am watching on the television. Given the chance I like to take in a domestic game but having been brought up on a diet of football and more football I did not find an early allegiance to a particular club, although I do have a slight bias towards Leicester Tigers, owing to a fascination with the name of legendary Tiger, Dusty Hare when I was growing up. In the summer months nothing quite beats a day at the races even if the bookies tend to empty my pockets.