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The Centaur Conspiracy

The Centaur Conspiracy book cover image

A series of apparently motiveless professional killings of hedge fund managers take place in various places around the world.

Rob Faulkner an insurance fraud investigator is asked to locate the missing daughter of one of his employer’s clients. His search takes him to first to tax havens where he learns more about the murky world of offshore finance and tax avoidance, before leading him to an elegant Austrian castle where the girl he is trying to find is being held captive along with her hedge fund manager boyfriend, where he discovers their captors hold a dark secret. In his bid to free the captive Faulkner uncovers a sinister plot to rekindle the right wing extremism which had once been the scourge of Europe. With the financial resources to manipulate the media, the political establishment and world events they pose an even greater threat than that last seen in the 1930’s.

As Faulkner gets closer to rescuing Verity Dawson so he finds himself taking on the might of a Nazi new dawn.

Short Story Collection

Short Story Collection book cover image

Short Story Collection is the culmination of a passion for story telling in the written form. Middleton has penned five stories; Direct Action, an unlikely friendship between a down-and-out and farmer results in an unlikely resolution for the latter’s hardships; Eugene’s Lucky Break, Eugene’s First Vacation and The Journey Home, three stories bridged by the same protagonist, a modest man from the American Deep South and his first online dating experience; and Stephen Harper’s Gift, a tale of a bank robbery and the soluble paradigm of morals; each covering themes of justice, redemption and endurance, each story revealing everyday heroes within seemingly ordinary men, offering beacons of hope in dark times.

Short Story Collection is equal parts wit and humour, Middleton’s style and diction adaptable to the environment he transports the pen to and a masterclass in the art of suspense; in this instance short is shorthand for powerful.