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The R Word

The R Word: Time To Retire Retirement book cover image

Is the word 'retirement' due for retirement itself? As many of us live and work longer than ever before, the concept of retirement is based on outdated concepts and gets in the way of a fulfilling working and post-work life, according to author and financial planning expert Michael Middleton. The R Word explains why you should rethink retirement and how to make the most of your later years.

What Time is Kick Off?

What Time is Kick Off? book cover image

A concise guide to creating and running your business, although aimed at those starting out on their own for the first time, many of the tips, ideas and concepts will prove useful to the more experienced entrepreneur. 

Drawing on real experience of starting, building and selling his own businesses Mike Middleton also includes anecdotes of clients he has worked with and helped in a near thirty year career.

With the use of simple language this book is designed to be easy and quick to read. The avoidance of heavy prose and complex language will aid the reader to formulate their business idea and get to the point of Kick Off with the minimum of fuss.